Prepping [a] Baby Food[ie]

This is my blog about family meals from scratch. As my babies ["LL""Baby Boy-yer"] are now 4 and 2 years old, it has become less about "baby food." Lately, we've been trying to focus more on having family dinners where everyone eats the same thing, with no exceptions for the little ones. But just search the posts because we have plenty of baby food recipes from the last few years. We're always looking for ideas on what to make to keep this family healthy and trying new things. Join me, and submit recipes and tips of your own!

It is usually annoying to try out new restaurants with the kids because the kids’ menus consist of either all-starch or all-deep fried options. I end up just sharing my entree with LL because I don’t want to order from the kids’ menu or pay $15 for another adult entree for a 2 year old. It works out, but I really do just find it irksome that there is, with notable exceptions (Northvale Diner, Greek Village), hardly anywhere I want to bring my kids to eat.

Last night we got some Thai food at the Best Thai Restaurant, in Damariscotta Maine of all places, and they had a pretty nice little kids menu. LL got the egg brown fried rice with steamed vegetables. She swapped out the fried rice for plain brown rice (her choice, not mine) and really enjoyed it. All for $5.95-that is cheaper than anything we would get back home. I love when restaurants offer veggies on the menu for kids!

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